How do iGaming operators ensure the security of payment transactions?

 How do iGaming operators ensure the security of payment transactions?

Online gambling sites involve large amounts of money coming in and out of the coffers of iGaming operators. These transactions also contain sensitive personal and financial information.

Reputable iGaming 카지노사이트 operators respect the business of their players and take the necessary steps to protect such personally identifiable information.

These are the security protocols that online gambling sites use to keep you and your information safe:

firewall. A firewall defines parameters that determine traffic to and from your network. In this way, online casinos can block unwanted traffic from entering their servers.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). SSL identifies information about the server from which a particular website was launched. It then creates an encrypted connection that stores private information in pieces that must be unlocked with a security key. A site with a distinctive green bar near the URL indicates that the site is protected with SSL.

Various deposit options. Online casinos that can offer a variety of reputable deposit and withdrawal options represent companies that carefully manage their clients' financial transactions.

Safety certificate and logo. All iGaming 에볼루션게이밍 operators may display a VeriSign or other similar certification logo on their websites to claim that their sites are secure. But it is easy to cheat. So if in doubt, you can always contact the issuing company, the checkits website or their FAQ section to see if their claims are justified.

To thank. Conflict is a reality in any business and that includes online gambling. A reputable operator will make every effort to resolve any disputes by attempting verification by the operator or an authorized third party. Online casinos and sports betting are usually at the forefront of security. The actions performed by them are equivalent to those of a bank or a financial institution. iGaming operators are adept at implementing changes whenever regulation or security conditions demand.

Payment methods are restricted and preferred worldwide

Some countries may permanently ban certain payment methods. Some other payment methods cannot be used in some countries, but can be used in others. Let’s take a look at some examples below. 

UK: Ban on Credit Cards

From April 14, 2020, credit cards 바카라사이트 have been banned from being used for all forms of gambling in the UK. This ban, however, does not extend to the purchase of National Lottery tickets. 

This ban came off the heels of a couple of government inquiries involving social responsibility and online gambling in the industry. 

Based on information from the UK Gambling Commission, over 24 million adults gamble in the country, with the UK Finance pulling data that over 800,000 British adults used credit cards to gamble in 2018. According to the Gambling Commission, credit card gambling can pose significant financial risks, especially for problem gamblers, who make up a total of 22% of online gamblers.

Credit cards can exacerbate gambling problems as consumers can try to chase their losses more easily.

Germany: Visa and MasterCard campaign

On May 26, it was reported that online casinos targeting the German market will no longer accept Visa or Mastercard payment services. It follows legislation targeting the iGaming industry and payment processors that work with online casinos.

There have also been reports of German online casino customers not using Mastercard credit cards to deposit and withdraw on iGaming sites. According to reports, online casinos have received instructions from Visa and Mastercard to remove their companies from their payment options in Germany, or else lose access to their services in the markets they currently work in. 

China: WeChat Pay

WeChat is a chat app, developed by Tencent, that is widely used in China. WeChat had over 1.2 billion monthly active users in the second quarter of 2020.  

Tencent’s WeChat Pay, a branch of WeChat app, is an extremely popular payment platform that allows users to make online 바카라사이트 payments and transfers within the same app. 

It has become a key player in payment processing in China, with a massive market share. Furthermore, more and more online casinos have started to accept WeChat Pay deposits as of 2019. 

Russia: Qiwi

Qiwi is a popular prepaid card that can be purchased at ubiquitous sales points in Russia. 

It allows its users to pay for anything – including online gambling sites as an alternative to credit cards and bank transfers. Qiwi also comes with an e-wallet app for easy management. 

Like WeChat Pay in China, Qiwi is advantageous for Russian players due to its wide acceptance in the Russian market and its ease with deposit and withdrawal transactions. Brazil: Bolito Bancario

Players in Brazil will know Boleto Bancario. This service allows customers from Brazil to initiate real-time transfers from an account in the country.

It has been around since 1993 and is supervised and regulated by the Central Bank of Brazil. A valid Brazilian tax code is required to use the service.

Transactions with this method are made by first purchasing a Boleto Bancario bank voucher which is pre-loaded and can be used for online or OTC transactions. Payment may take up to 5 business days.


As you can see, online casino payment methods can vary significantly from country to country. This is especially true for non-English speaking markets where payment systems in other languages ​​are preferred.

The differences are even greater when marketing online casinos and sportsbooks to specific markets that require more expertise in linguistic and cultural areas.

The importance of localization in the iGaming industry

Payment methods are an important part of iGaming business localization and operators should pay close attention to this issue.

In fact, the quality and relevance of your site's content plays a major role in determining which online casino or sportsbook your customers should play with. Details are always important, especially when it comes to online payment methods. For example, there are different ways to convert between currency formats for each target market.


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